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How to buy?

Purchase on the website robaizkine.com is very simple, unlike other shopping portals from abroad, it is not necessary even to be registered, the purchase takes place in a few simple steps:


1. Step is to choose the products you want to buy from the < a title = "How to buy from china" target = "_blank" href = "http://www.robaizkine.com" www. Robaizkin. com and click ADD to BASKET.




2. The step is that if this is the only product that you want to order for now, click FINISH PURCHASE and will show you the part where you fill out the form with your data and choose how to pay and deliver:





3. The step is to fill out your basic data, note that you type the correct data because the address and name you enter will receive a package with the product that you want to order, then click CONTINUE as in the picture below:





4. In this step check the previously written data and choose delivery method, we recommend a free delivery to your address to which the package with your product will be sent FREE directly from the warehouse in China or England, click CONTINUE again:





5. Here you must choose a payment method, for Serbia for example we have provided various types of payments such as < a title = "to pay the cards on the Internet" target = "_blank" href = "http://www.robaizkine.com/pages/uputstvo-za-placanje-platnim-karticama" payment of credit or payment cards, PayPal , payment to the current Giro account, postNET (email payment) or Western Union. Payment will be made by the postman in delivery or courier services when they bring you the < span style = "COLOR: #ff0000;" U IS NOT POSSIBLE for the simple reason that the products are sent from abroad (usually England or directly from China) and of course payment of the reliability (during delivery) is not possible in international mail. After choosing the payment option, click FINISH BILLING:




6. In this final step you will receive the payment instructions depending on your payment method selected, you can overwrite or print these instructions, but you will also receive them on the EMAIL you entered when filling out the order so that you can always look at them. The package with the product you have ordered will be sent to your address after a payment is made automatically and you do not have to send any evidence of payment:


< span style = "COLOR: #ff0000;" NOTE: If you have chosen to pay by credit or payment card as a PayPal, the system will switch you to the payment card or PayPal section before the sixth step, for which instution you can see on link-< a title = "Paying cards or PayPal" target = "_blank" href = "http://www.robaizkine.com/pages/uputstvo-za-placanje-platnim-karticama" PAYMENT CARDS


Happy shopping on the < a title = "www. robaizkin. com" target = "_blank" href = "www. Robaizkin."-"www. robaizkin. com !