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Every product that you order from our store is sent from the warehouse in England unless the product description is otherwise noted. All products are sent to all countries in Europe. In recent days, domestic customs officials have usually applied the practice to retain customs only goods sent directly from China, which with goods from our online shop is not the case, all our products are sent from the warehouse from England.

< span style = "COLOR: #ff0000;" As Robaizchina allows you two ways of sending products from storage in England:

  1. < span style = "COLOR: #0000ff;" Completely for FREE sending every product from the English regular (usually DHL) postal Service for 7 to 16 working days for delivery to your address, delivery time depends on the congestion of postal services in Europe and China, and it can be longer than the above.
  2. < span style = "COLOR: #0000ff;" Sending fast mail to DHL, this method of sending is charged and produced usually arrive within 5 to 7 working days.

The method of sending you can choose later, when completing the order and billing on our site.

You can see the purchase instruction on the link-< span style = "COLOR: #0000ff;", < a style = "color: #0000ff;" title = "How to buy from china" href = "http://www.robaizkine.com/pages/kako-kupiti-iz-kine" how to Buy.

You can read about tax and customs on the goods on our page < a title = "Customs and tax on products from china" href = "http://www.robaizkine.com/pages/carina-i-porez-na-proizvode" HERE .

You can read more about the payment method on the < a title = "getting paid" href = "http://www.robaizkine.com/pages/nacini-placanja" payment methods.

Other questions and answers can be read on the < a title = "FAQ" href = "http://www.robaizkine.com/pages/najcesca-pitanja-i-odgovori" Frequently asked questions and responses .