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< P class = "Services" ( < P class = "Services". COM is online shop specialized for advertising the highest quality goods of Chinese origin at best prices. All products from the website robaizkine.com are sent from the warehouse located in Europe or China, usually from England and so unlike most Chinese people for sale, we provide the fastest delivery of products in Serbia and the region. Also, the products we advertise are checked and selected so there is no chance that the description can be misleading, which is not a rare occurrence and danger of direct purchase on Chinese sites such as aliekspres and similar.

< P class = "Services" is FREE of CHARGE and you have no additional charges. Likewise, in order to meet all customers in Serbia, we have allowed payment through Dinar's current account in banks or through the POST-NET Electronic payment system in the Serbian fair and of course all payment cards for the entire region.

< P class = "Services" is the general terms of purchase on the Robalizkin website. com: < BR robaizkine.com works as a collaboratory or partner (AFFILIATE) program of different Chinese online portals such as www.aliexpress.com or www.banggood.com. Therefore robaizkine.com does not have any products displayed on the website or any other place related to robaizkine.com already operates only as an advertising and intermediary website for its partners, and therefore we cannot be addressed for any sale in Serbia. More about < A title = "USAGE terms" href = "http://www.robaizkine.com/pages/uslovi-koriscenja" TERMS of USE see < a title = "Utilization terms" href = "http://www.robaizkine.com/pages/uslovi-koriscenja" here .

< P class = "Services" < a title = "FAQ" href = "http://www.robaizkine.com/pages/najcesca-pitanja-i-odgovori" Frequently asked questions and responses see here.

< P class = "Services" Internet sales is something in the world that is already a daily occurrence, whereas with us it's just a bit of momentum.

< P class = "services" to all constant and future customers we thank for the trust of mediation.

< P class = "Services" E-mail: help@robaizkine.com

< P class = "Services" (381616428852 Viber and WhatsApp

) < P class = "Services" by phone: + 44 7031947579

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