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Privacy Policy

This policy regulates how the site robaizkine.com collects data. < BR website robaizkine.com respects your privacy. If we look for certain information on our website from you, you can be sure that we will comply with this privacy policy with them. < No data we collect on this website can be divided into two groups in general: < br/1. Anonymous data, which we collect from all users of the site < br/Data that fall into this group cannot disclose your identity in any way. We collect them exclusively to determine how we can improve our website. For this purpose we use the service of Google Inc. ("Google") called Google Analytics. This service records the following data: < br < Nos. type and version of your Web browser (Mozilla Firefox™, Google Chrome™, Internet Explorer™, etc.) < br/, your computer operating system, < br/, color capabilities, and resolution of your monitor < br/h support for JavaScript < br/I version of "Flash-a" < br/Timely visit of the < br pages you've visited < No. How long have you reviewed each visited page < No. How did you find our website? This data may include the address of the site from which you arrived at our site (for example, by clicking the link to our site) and/or the keywords you used in the search engine (e.g. Google™) to find our website. <, your geographical location (city, State...). To determine this item, Google Analytics temporarily uses your IP address. After your geographic location is determined, the IP address is deleted. < br < No. <™ Corporate Privacy Statement you can read here. < br If you want to prevent the Google Analytics service from recording your visit to our website, all you have to do is set up your Web browser to disable the use of these add-ons. However, be aware that shutting down JavaScript and a ban on Cookies can dramatically exacerbates your user experience on the Internet, as many websites depend on them. < br for advertising purposes in Google AdWords we use "cookies" that also record your activity on our website. This data is used to improve the performance of our advertising and cannot endanger your privacy in any way. < No. If you want to prevent the Google AdWords "cookie," you can make the settings on this page. < br/No. 2. Personal Data < br/This is data that may be used to determine your identity. We are looking for personal information primarily in contact forms (contact forms). This data includes: < BR < BR name (user enters alone) < br E-mail Address (user enters alone). The < BR IP Address of the computer from which, through a contact form, is sent (collected automatically). < br < br/This Privacy policy applies only to information collected through our website, not on the information collected in any other way. < br < br/Your use of the website means acceptance of the above conditions.