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Return of goods

Purchase is situation and individual, so the cases may occur where the buyer will ask us to return the purchased goods for a number of reasons. The law of the ultimate consumer allows it to return the purchased goods in due course and in certain reasons.

Robaizkine.com is the international resale portal, which is only providing a service (translation) of purchase at the party (affiliate) to the websites aliexpress.com and banggood.com and as such operates under the same rules of return of goods and above mentioned.

on the issue of international shipments, the return of goods is accepted in the case of a damaged product (DOA or Dead on arrival) or if the product does not correspond to the description on the page of the specific product of the site www.robaizkine.com


Customer can return goods only in the following cases and is written CAUSE of RESTORE:

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1. The end buyer may legally be able to return goods in the case of the site within 10 days from the date of takeover, sending goods to international mail (the same postal service or the same level as the product and sent to the customer). In this case, both work and nonworking days are calculated. The international mail is carried out on the customer's cost and the buyer is obliged to provide the international tracking number for the package within 10 days from receipt of the goods, which is proof that the call was sent to the address from which it was sent.

2. If the store has been billed by the goods that the customer has not ordered or the product has arrived damaged or does not correspond to the description on the Site page, the deadline for starting the return of goods is 15 days from the time of receipt of the goods.

Within this time can do so without any explanation and request that it be replaced by another item, at an additional cost, or requiring a refund. That is why it is best for the buyer to check the goods during the purchase that is at the reception. Customer notifies us of this, sending mail to < a href = "mailto: web@winwin. Rs", help@robaizkine. com




If the buyer returns an item received by the courier service, it is a shipment within its country, not an international shipment from China or England, the legal deadline is 14 days from the receipt of goods from The courier. In this period, the customer refers to the sending of the purchased item:

-the item that returns and the warranty sheet (if received)

-Written on paper reason for restore (changed, not responding, incorrectly received,...)

-If the goods are ordered via the WEB they will send us one-sided termination of contract received with the account and the goods.

Upon receipt of such sent goods, the RMA service will determine the state and correctness of the item and notify us that we may be able to make a customer or send a replacement.

If the shipment has arrived damaged, it is necessary that within 24 hours contact The courier service that delivered the package to make the record. If the goods have arrived undamaged but incorrect, contact our service to send you a replacement.