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Instructions for payment cards-Visa, Master Card, AmericanExpress

< span style = "COLOR: #ff0000;" What card do I need and how do I know if my card is "going through" for internet payments?

We receive most of Visa, Visa Electron and MasterCard in any bank and any currency. What you need to make sure your card is valid on the Internet is that it has a CVV number on the back.


< span style = "COLOR: #ff0000;" What is CVV number?

CVV number (Card in place Value) is the security number of the card authorizing the card when paying online, on the back of the card, and contains 3 digits. CVV IS NOT THE SAME AS YOUR PIN NUMBER.


< span style = "COLOR: #ff0000;" How do I pay my card on robaizkine.com?

< P style = "text-Tarna: left;" (< span style = "COLOR: #0000ff;" 1. Step is to get out the desired product or products and add them to the basket. src =

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< span style = "COLOR: #0000ff;" is 2. The step is to click FINISH PURCHASE


< span style = "COLOR: #0000ff;" is 3. Step is to fill in personal data and address data where the package will be delivered:


< span style = "COLOR: #0000ff;" 4. Step is to select the delivery method and method of payment (in this case, payment cards) and click Finish Billing button below. < br/,

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< span style = "COLOR: #0000ff;" 5. The only step is to click "Continue to Shipping Information" as shown below. < br/,

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< span style = "COLOR: #0000ff;" 7. Step-In this part of the field will be alone filled with your data entered from earlier just note that you type the state name in the State/Province field, such as Serbia or Montenegro... And then just click "Continue to Billing Information"

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< span style = "COLOR: #0000ff;" 8. The only step is to click the "Continue to payment Method": < BR


< span style = "COLOR: #0000ff;" 9. And the last step is to type your card number as in the picture below for example-4012888888881881, then the expiration date of the card that is also on the front of the card for example 09/17 (meaning that it expires on the ninth month of 2017) and the CVV number on the back of the card and contains three digits for example 961. And then click "Submit Payment"

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