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WLtoys V931 poluprofesionalni RC helikopter

  • 162 €

WLtoys V931 2.4G 6CH poluprofesionalni RC helikopter na daljinsko upravljanje

Obim elise: 244 mm
Dužina helikoptera: 238 mm
Visina: 77mm
Težina: 65.5g
Baterija: punjiva 3.7V 500mAh 25C dolazi u pakovanju
Boja: Crveno-Bela, Plavo-Bela
Dimenzije pakovanja: 52.5*24.8*10.3 cm


1. According to AS350 (the little squirrel) prototype ratio, high simulation, fine appearance design.
    The details of the products, unique in the market three rotor blades flybarless design.
2. Quote aerodynamic blade provides strong power and body self stability.
3. 1106 rotor brushless motor power is stronger, the 3.7V 500mah 25C high rate battery
4. 3D and 6G (also compatible with electronic 3 gyroscopes and 6 axis gyroscope) mode one remote controller can be switched freely
5. 3D mode using 3 axis gyro, sensitive reaction. To do the stunt flying, can easily make rolling inverted pendulum movement
6. 6G mode using 6 axis gyro, flight stability, especially suitable for beginners to flight.
7. 6 channel remote control, a 3D special IDLE switch throttle hold TH.HOLD switch large screen liquid crystal display, low voltage alarm function.
    Especially with aircraft hovering point setting, enter the setting mode to set the hover plane according to their needs.
8. With a dedicated USB charger, can also charge 2 batteries.
9. Flying weight 77.5g

U paketu dolazi:

1 x WLtoys V931 RC Helikopter
1 x Daljinski kontrolor
1 x Punjač
1 x Baterija
3 x Glavne elise
1 x Uputstvo















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